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Natural occurring radionuclides are present at varying concentrations in the Earth’s crust and can be concentrated and enhanced by processes associated with the recovery process of oil and gas. This “enhanced’’ NORM, often known as TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) can be created when industrial activity increases the concentrations of radioactive materials or when the material is redistributed as a result of human intervention or some industrial processes.

TENORM also can be the by-product or waste product of oil, gas and geo-thermal energy production. Sludge, drilling mud, and pipe scales are examples of materials that can contain elevated levels of NORM, and the radioactive materials may be moved from site to site as equipment and materials are reused. To prevent any unnecessary exposure, we offer monitoring services which involve the monitoring and surveillance of the following parameters:

  1. Monitoring of background radiation level.
  2. Monitoring of external radiation level.
  3. Monitoring of surface contamination.
  4. Monitoring of radiation level inside confined space.
  5. Monitoring of Radon and Thoron progeny levels.
  6. Monitoring of airborne contamination.
  7. Monitoring of radioactivity in scale, oil, water, sludge, etc.

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faviconENDEAVOUR ENERGY SDN. BHD. is registered Private Limited Company with ideas from fresh entrepreneur to participate in maintenance services in Oil and Gas industries. Incorporated with all the characteristics of a young & energetic organization, we are formed in line with our customer demand for a professional and high quality service criterias.

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